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Bob Blackman’s Local - 3*** - One4Review

Bob Blackman’s Local – 3***

| On 24, Aug 2014

This show is almost impossible to describe, without spoilers. It’s packed with silliness, changes of pace, and random, utterly surreal moments. I don’t even know if this is a recommendation or a warning. Not every gag or skit hits the spot, but enough do. The best description I can manage is some very, very funny silliness, but not to everyone’s taste.

There were walkouts and walk-ins, all handled with ease by performers Johnny  Sorrow and the mysterious balaclava clad man, Mr Swann. Some looked utterly baffled, while others doubled over laughing.

But this is, in some ways, what the fringe should be about. Watching someone and wondering which side of sanity they’re on. Being in a small audience, slightly daunted by the performers interacting with you, yet leaving knowing that no two nights of this are exactly the same. It almost feels like cheating that this charming craziness is in a well set up room of a sensible temperature and not leaking. But you can’t have everything, and if not getting hypothermia is the price to pay, so be it.

You may never get to boast “I saw them when…” but you’ll have a great fringe experience to tell.

Reviewed by Gill

Laughing Horse @ Bar 50

21:45 to 22:45

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