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James Dowdeswell: Wine, Ale and I - 4**** - One4Review

James Dowdeswell: Wine, Ale and I – 4****

| On 24, Aug 2014

I was sold on this show by the promise of learning how to get free wine, but there’s so much more to it than that – an education in wine and beers, and also plenty of gags.

Dowdeswell is a likeable, self-deprecating  performer, who talks about what life is like growing up living above a pub, and these experiences – not all positive – do seem to have left him as something of an expert on all three aspects of his title, as well as bringing plenty to the ‘What make a perfect pub?’ debate. (Don’t tell his dad that his West Country pub isn’t Dowdeswell’s favourite in the world. Do look out for O’Looney’s.)

Some lovely banter with the audience helped this show to flow, and a quiz on real versus invented wine-names was both silly and educational. More importantly, this was a show on a topic that’s easy to love, from a man who really knows his stuff, and found plenty of ways to turn his expertise into good solid laughs.

Reviewed by Gill

Laughing Horse @ Bar 50

19:15 to 20:15

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