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Shappi Khorsandi: Carry on Shappi - One4Review

Shappi Khoursandi does not like doing things easily during the Fringe. In previous years she has got engaged and unengaged. Last year she was engaged again and was planning her wedding a month after Edinburgh and twelve months on, well being over eight months pregnant she is planning for the almost imminent arrival of her first born. It may come as no surprise that a lot of her material this year is on and around her pregnancy and the resulting effects on her life. But there is of course far more, and of course as always her ethnicity and others misconceptions is always a source of comedy gems for her. I don’t know what it is about Shappi that I find so endearing, but she has that certain something that just raises her above a lot of others in my opinion. She is very attractive, but then so are some others, she is very talented and funny, but then many others are as gifted, it must be that unexplainable X factor than TV shows search for. Carry on Shappi is the title of this show, and I certainly hope that she is able to carry on for the duration of the Fringe, given that she will be ‘full term’ before the end of her run. I’m glad I saw her early, not only because she is a really funny and nice lady, but the run may obviously be cut short. Another reason to get your ticket early. ****

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