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Joke Thieves 4**** - One4Review

Joke Thieves 4****

| On 13, Aug 2014

Will Mars is the guy behind the cult hit of Fringe 2013, a show that sold out night after night and became ‘the’ late night place to be… but somehow I missed out on the phenomenon. That was something I was determined to put right this year. I did, and can say I concur with the masses. It is an amazing, if slightly chaotic show that deserves more than one visit.

The concept is fairly simple. The afore said Will Mars takes to the stage to warm up the audience, not that this takes much in the sweaty cave, and then four acts, paired before the start, each perform a short set of their own material maybe 5 minutes or so. Then the tables turn and it the other one of the pair who has to do the same gags but with strange material.

Chaos and multiple laughter follows that is a given as mayhem occurs as they struggle to repeat what went before and all for the pure entertainment value of the crowd.

The night I went there was a twist, well a slight one, instead of the usual diet of stand-ups we had a sketch troupe special still following the usual guidelines. What I witnessed was outrageously funny, a shambolic hoot but one that I am going to repeat before the end of the Fringe… that is if I can get a ticket!!

Reviewed by Geoff

Just the Tonic Fancy Room

22.30 to 23.30


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