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Laurence Clark – Moments of Instant Regret 4**** - One4Review

Laurence Clark – Moments of Instant Regret 4****

| On 11, Aug 2014

At the start of the show Laurence introduced us to his friend in the audience, Jess Thom, explaining she is also doing a show at the fringe and has tourettes so is prone to involuntarily shouting things out, his greatest fear with this was that the audience would find Jess funnier than him. Having Jess randomly shout out words such as biscuit or cats was funny but we soon got used to it and it didn’t detract from the show.There were also some real classic moments when she finished Laurence’s sentences for him that had the room in fits of laughter. Anyone attending on the night was really getting two shows for the price of one.

Like everyone Laurence has an internal monologue giving him advice on how to react in certain situations. His is known as chip and he imagines him to be in the guise of a monkey, who is every bit as mischievous as Laurence himself. Chip’s name is not derived from “chip on your shoulder” as you might think, no it’s just because Laurence likes chips, in fact his full title comes from Laurence’s 3 favourite things in life. The show as the title suggests focuses on times when Laurence has acted on Chips advice and now on reflection has realised he perhaps didn’t take the best course of action. From publicly insulting a fellow comedian, misunderstanding a charity collector, having a run in with the law to upsetting a waiter and blind date, he explains with audio and visual aids the situation and what Chips response was. Laurence is now seeking redemption and is trying to ignore Chips opinion so has contacted a number of the people involved to make amends and shows the amusing outcomes. Just as he’s reaching the moral of the story part saying that one defining moment will stick out, Jess serendipitously pipes up “like kicking a duck in the fanny” absolute comedy gold.

Thoroughly enjoyable hour highlighting Laurence’s sharp wit, well written and presented material, his rapport and cheeky banter with the audience and having Jess there just gave it that extra zing.

Reviewed by Sharon

Assembly George Square

19.20 to 20.20




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