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Holly Walsh - Never Had It 4**** - One4Review

Holly Walsh – Never Had It 4****

| On 17, Aug 2014

The opening title sequence lists numerous sayings centred around ‘It’, that most elusive definition to pinpoint and it is followed by a selection of people, and it is the audience decisions as to who did and who didn’t have it and we were off and running through an hour of very funny if a little safe material.

Holly claims not only not to have it but also didn’t have it at any stage, a series of illustrations showing her off at her worst were self-deprecating to the extreme. But who needs it when you have your Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award!

Ms Walsh was obviously a paragon of virtue for her parents never indulging in drugs smoking or drinking and when it came to sex, well she has a wicked one liner there which I am not going to reveal.

The hour was packed with stuff that brought plenty of laughs and I am sure the audience would have felt more than satisfied with her show, but the finale, her best story was probably worth the ticket money in itself.

You know I think she does have it, and certainly the ability to make people laugh is there in abundance.

Reviewed by Geoff

Assembly George Square Studio 5

18.45 to 19.45


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