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Benny Boot: Greatest Hits Volume II 3*** - One4Review

Benny Boot: Greatest Hits Volume II 3***

| On 16, Aug 2014

There is no doubt that Benny Boot is a quality comedian as I have witnessed in previous Fringes, however to do a Greatest Hits show of his best material could be seen as a bit of a cop out for his fans. For those who don’t know his work maybe a good idea as it could be an ideal taster.

But to do the jokes drawn at random from a container not only stopped the natural progression from one to another, but any pace generated was somewhat lost in his necessary turning away from the mic for the next selection. I really liked the section where he played his guitar giving him a few more minutes without turning away.

Many of the gags were really funny, a few in the view of the rather small audience less so. I am not sure that ‘outing’ some more mature ladies by suggesting they really didn’t want to be there helped the bonding exercise much either.

I am certain that if he hadn’t taken the haphazard approach to the gag order then it would really have given his talent a chance to shine but he does like to be different.

Reviewed by Geoff


17.35 to 19.25


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