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Glenn Cosby – Food Junkie 3*** - One4Review

Glenn Cosby – Food Junkie 3***

| On 05, Aug 2014

If you are a Great British Bake Off fan this show will certainly appeal. Glen Cosby was the last man standing in series 4, he has since given up his job as an English teacher and taken his show on the road sharing stories of his love of food and incorporating a cookery demonstration with added bonus of cake at the end of the show.

Given that GBBO has over 8 million viewers, more than Champions League Football or the X Factor it shouldn’t be short of baking enthusiasts wanting to see someone off the telly in action. Glen has a very relaxed approach and is likeable and chatty. He tells how his love of food started at a very young age and shows photographs of himself at various stages with a reflective story relating to food for each one.

He also has a pre-baked sponge cake that he ices and decorates during the show with some audience participation. Using a folded paper fortune teller, audience members choose the number which then selects the flavour of the toping but they’re not all as nice as the one on the day I was there, he does warn that some would be more suited to I’m a Celebrity. The chosen icing on the day was Italian meringue with chocolate butter cream and hazelnut praline which was delicious. . There was also a whisk off with one Scottish and one English audience member to decide the referendum result, perhaps the fairest way. The show also advertises that there may be surprise guests appearing although the one I attended had Kimberley a series 4 finalist in the audience and he included her in some of his behind the scenes at the GBBO anecdotes. A nice harmless, fun show for all baking fans.


Reviewed by Sharon

Assembly Roxy

16.00 to 17.00

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