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Lady Carol – Lost and Found 5***** - One4Review

Lady Carol – Lost and Found 5*****

| On 05, Aug 2014

I suppose it is getting what the Fringe was about back in the day. Find an empty shop that is virtually devoid of any equipment, stick in a couple of lights and a decent PA, a couple of dozen nonmatching chairs and here we go. The Fringe stripped back to basics

Having tried the plusher venues Lady Carol of The Moon has decided that this is the way to go and the amiable young Irish lady perches on a stool with her trusty ukulele and now a mandolin certainly gives a showcase of her amazing talents that was worthy of the priciest venues.

She chats amiably with her bijou audience selecting her numbers at random from a bowl on her table so each show is bespoke. The songs that emerge, some are originals, a folky number and covers from the likes of Doris Day, Bowie, Amy Winehouse, Queen and Lou Reed quite an eclectic mix.

I am always amazed at the huge, pitch perfect voice that the elfin chanteuse possesses, yet it can be soft and delicate also and this together with the lilting anecdotes between the numbers round the whole package off beautifully.

Reviewed by Geoff

Heroes @ Bob & Miss Behave’s Bookshop

17.20 to 18.30



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