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In Vogue: Songs by Madonna 4**** - One4Review

In Vogue: Songs by Madonna 4****

| On 08, Aug 2014

This Madonna story is presented by Michael Griffiths who, without any visual aids, costumes or gimmicks manages to hook you in and you are absorbed in the tale of Madge’s climb to fame, her highs and lows along the way and of course the songs. Michael has a very relaxed style, sitting at the piano playing and singing many of her hits, starting off of course with vogue, and reading excerpts of her memoirs from a little red diary.

He tells, as Madonna, of her early life and move to New York to find fame. He describes how the inspiration for each of her songs came about, in between performing a number of her songs. He discusses her acting aspirations, falling in love, and out of it, failed marriages and her children. How she constantly strives to reinvent and challenge herself and her drive to remain ahead of the game.

A captivating hour where Michael has most of the crowd gripped hanging on to his every word, an excellent, talented musician and singer.  This should definitely appeal to any Madonna fan but it isn’t Madonna you are going to see or someone impersonating her, as a couple of disappointed faces in the audience may have thought.

Reviewed by Sharon

Assembly Checkpoint

18.00 to 19.00

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