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Martin Mor – Kuh-Mee-Dee-Uhn 4**** - One4Review

Martin Mor – Kuh-Mee-Dee-Uhn 4****

| On 05, Aug 2014

Martin Mor is a huge, hairy, much tattooed comic originally from Colraine in Northern Ireland who not only is a fine comedian but one of the best comperes around and boy does he know how to work a room.

During the run up to his Fringe shows Mor explained that all the shows were totally different so rather than fight it he decided to embrace the idea and no two Edinburgh shows have been the same. Okay I guess there is still the odd trace of the original concept that is constant but there is little point in saying what I saw, it will be different when you go.

But what I can say is that Mor was in his element. He seemed to be having as much enjoyment as the audience were and the things he got the crowd to do and tell him, well it takes a special talent to do this and he has it an abundance.

Mor is a character and then some, and one who should be seen for the pure enjoyment of it. And the only message from the show is to have fun a message that was certainly adhered to by all

Reviewed by Geoff

Stand V

20.00 to 21.00



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