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Pierre Novellie is Mighty Peter 5***** - One4Review

Pierre Novellie is Mighty Peter 5*****

| On 14, Aug 2014

Pierre Novellie may be Mighty Peter but for me he is also mighty talented too.

Although incarcerated in Pleasance Bunker 2 which really is a bunker, this South African born comic now UK dwelling has a set packed through of quality material, both observational and gags that make the time spent in his show seem to fly past.

He has masses of stage presence, a pleasing delivery style and well written funnies by the score on a whole variety of subjects a lot on his size, his ethnicity and adapting to unwritten rules of now being British, and a wonderful deconstruction of daytime TV and commercials especially bloating and diet crackers ones, but this is just a taste of his set.

Novellie is an erudite guy with a degree in Anglo Saxon Nordic & Celtic studies and the excursion into ancient Welsh laws brought the house down. The finale on film theme tunes were a fitting conclusion which for me was a well-rounded hour of top class entertainment.

I saw him headline a gig a while ago with Dylan Moran and Tom Stade trying new stuff on the undercard. Novellie didn’t look out of place headlining then and in the past year has grown in comedy stature even more although there is less of him physically.

Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Bunker 2

21.20 to 22.30


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