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Russell Grant -Strictly Edinburgh 4**** - One4Review

Russell Grant -Strictly Edinburgh 4****

| On 21, Aug 2014

I guess there can’t be many people in the UK who are not aware of larger than life TV personality Russell Grant but if most of them are like me I don’t know so much of him away from the small screen.

It was always the chubby, bubbly, garishly sweatered astrologer that I was aware of from early morning television, and then of course in 2011 his explosion, literally at Wembley, back into the public eye on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ that raised his profile once more.

Grant is spending his Edinburgh hour filling in the gaps in at least my knowledge and the show packed through with a multitude of anecdote is compelling listening.

There is so much more to Russell, he is generous with his audience, involving all to join in and take pictures whenever they want and comes across as a very compassionate and nice guy.

He has a passion for dancing and disco and we are all treated and encouraged to join in with some of his numbers, and there are many who take up the offer, but it’s not compulsorily.

His passion for being involved on Strictly is still burning bright and of course his dancing partnership with Flavia Cacacha has spawned a lasting friendship and admiration from our host.

This is a really comfortable pleasant show and I left feeling it was an hour well spent.

Reviewed by Geoff

Gilded Balloon Wine Bar

18.45 to 19.45



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