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Damian Clark: Go Ahead, Make My Damo - 4**** - One4Review

| On 21, Aug 2014

The title of this show doesn’t do it justice, as it sounds like the performer will have a fight on his hands. Yet actually, the nearest thing to violence was the constant pelting us with jokes that hit the spot, in a high energy delivery, from this likeable, sharp performer.

Clark grabbed the attention, and kept the gags coming throughout, both verbal and visual, and his audience clearly appreciated it. Frequent, clever, well-timed call-backs rewarded their close attention, and it seems this is a man who could pack out a much larger space than the Wee Room.

If there’s anything to quibble about, his topics – drinking, family, differences between men and women, aren’t the freshest subjects I’ve ever heard, but his take on each of these topics worked, and maybe the reason these are popular with comics is that we can all identify. This audience certainly could, and loved his dramatic ending.


Reviewed by Gill, 18 Aug 2014

Gilded Balloon Teviot

21:15 to 22:15

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