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Brendon Burns in F**k you.......... - One4Review

Brendon Burns in F**k you I’m Brendon F**king Burns (Again) 
For years I’ve had to put up with stories of what a great comedian Brendon Burns is, how funny yet almost seriously threatening. I knew he is an excellent actor after seeing him perform in ‘Breaker Morant’ last year, but had never seen his stand up. Then there was his success last year when he won the If.Comedy award I mention this because when it was sponsored by Perrier the winners vanished of the face of the earth occasionally returning to Edinburgh Several years later. Not Brendon! From the first moments of his show to the last seconds I was laughing uncontrollably. For the first few minutes Geoff kept checking on me to see if I was okay with his material, then he kept checking I wasn’t laughing too much my asthma would kick into a full blown attack. One empty inhaler later we left the venue with aching sides, cheeks, ribs and in great need to powder my "nose". Brendon’s costume for this show is a cross between Conan the Barbarian and a Gladiator. God did he look hot! I have never had a thing about men in leather, but Wow. I’m telling you now Geoff has a fight on his hands for the next ticket for Mr Burns and believe you me I’m going to fight like a lion, lioness and family of cubs at the same time. I now regret not getting to see last years show but with any luck I will get to see him again and again in the future. I bow down to many peoples opinion that whether as Burnsy or Brendon this comedian is a genius, genius smenius the man is a ‘God’, he even makes it rain frogs!!? ***** for all the times I missed seeing him I’d love to give him at least one star for each year!  

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