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Improvedy - One4Review

Take five young talented impro comedians compered by Lloyd Stephens, a ‘whose line is it anyway’ type basis and an audience up for a laugh and you get a late evenings entertainment enough to send you into fits of laughter.

The cast changes daily but are drawn from the following; Jenny Ayres, Ruth Bratt, Kareth Kane, Steve Keyworth, Alex Norris, Lloyd Stephens and Rachel Woollett.

On entering the venue we are asked for some lines of dialogue, film styles, film genres, authors and soap styles. These suggestions are used in different sections of the show.

We started off with a game of die, where Lloyd directs the other 4 in telling a story based round the audience’s suggestions each comedian taking turns when pointed to, if the audience feel they are not keeping up the pace, or are just not good enough shout out “die” and leave the stage. The show moved on from there from game to game. One of the best games of the night was when Steve left the room and it was decided he had killed (can’t remember who! as I was laughing too much) with a beanbag in the school, he took ages to discover who and with what despite several excellent clues. The ‘where ‘was simple compared with the rest. The audience were almost yelling at him between the hysterics for not getting the clues.

I was almost rolling about the floor in tears and wished I’d got to see it sooner as we would have both been back.


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