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Nathan Caton - Teenage Mutant Nathan Caton 4**** - One4Review

Nathan Caton – Teenage Mutant Nathan Caton 4****

| On 10, Aug 2014

Nathan Caton is definitely a young comic with a bright future in my opinion and given his packed out houses I am not alone in this opinion.


Nathan is a cool dude he doesn’t prowl his space, he is not in your face he relies on his talent to make people laugh and his passion for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Yes. Really.


Caton comes from a close family ruled by his gran who has so much influence on the Caton clan. A lot of the material from the show, Turtles apart, comes from the family and his mother’s impending marriage but he goes other places too with his genuinely laugh out loud stories and witty observations. Deep down inside Nathan wants to be a bad boy but it just isn’t in his nature, examples are given each raising more laughter.


Caton has had numerous TV appearances recently, something I’m sure will be a regular event, so this is a chance to have a great laugh and maybe see a huge star in the near future, but you better be quick.


Reviewed by Geoff


Pleasance 10 Dome


20.00 to 21.00




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