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Best Girl - Best Girl Productions - 4**** - One4Review

Best Girl – Best Girl Productions – 4****

| On 08, Aug 2019

A new hour-long play by actress Christine Mackie, performed by her daughter Lois Mackie and directed by Kayleigh Hawkins in the intimate Cellar venue at the Pleasance, perfect for the dark themes and complex emotions explored in this engaging and entertaining monologue . The story, set in present day Manchester, is about love, relationships, trauma and counselling, and Lois Mackie wonderfully brings her mother’s script to life in an terrific performance which is not afraid to use humour, tears and even silence, as gripping as the dialogue itself at times. The play centres on Annie’s story, a 27 year old in an apparently difficult relationship with gas-fitter, trumpet playing and classical music enthusiast Jim and his disapproving mother and father. As the relationship with Jim seems to have finally ended in a moment of unexpected violence, resolution comes with Annie’s referral to professional counselling, and is start of her journey to understand and confront the past family traumas that have lurked under the surface of her life.

The play is all the more poignant when we learn that Christine’s script is partly autobiographical and based upon on her own father’s suicide. Lois is therefore bringing to life deep rooted issues relating to the relationship between her own mother and grandfather. I would thoroughly recommend this play, but secure a ticket soon, as demand is likely very quickly to outstrip supply in this small venue.

Reviewed By Howard

Pleasance courtyard – The Cellar


Until 25th August (not 12th and 19th)


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