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Christopher Macarthur-Boyd :- Dreamboat 4**** - One4Review

Christopher Macarthur-Boyd :- Dreamboat 4****

| On 08, Aug 2019

Christopher Macarthur-Boyd is fast becoming one of Scotland’s top comics so it was with much anticipation that I went to see his second hour long Edinburgh show.
There is little extrovert about him, he is self-deprecating in the opening section No 59 in the list of top 60 of Scottish comedians, nominated, but not won comedy awards and so on.
Christopher has recently left home to move with his Aussie girlfriend into the recently gentrified Glasgow suburb of Partick, plenty of hipster style coffee shops okay, but has anyone told the natives? Then there is their flat, the landlord, he now has bills to pay, yes really, and it has caused a breakfast cereal crisis in his life.
His laid-back delivery style is engaging and his material identifiable to all. Be it ice-cream shops in Edinburgh, sharing a sleeper train following a gig, Mega bus travel even doing the dishes, this diminutive Glasgow comedian has the ability to not only find the funny, but to exploit it to the max.
His career is definitely going places. He has supported big names on tours, been involved in a BBC Scotland TV series and is packing out his gigs. The show I saw was mobbed, and he had horrific sound bleed from another space to contend with. Phased him? Not one iota, even working bits into his own set.
Macarthur-Boyd is going places. Catch him while you can.
Reviewed by Geoff
Gilded Balloon Balcony
2100 to 22.00
Until 25th (not 12th)

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