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David Trent - Live at the Pleasance Courtyard 4**** - One4Review

David Trent – Live at the Pleasance Courtyard 4****

| On 12, Aug 2014

As in previous offerings over the last two years David Trent relies heavily on two main things, his obvious comedy talent and an ability to make his technology a major part of his act.

From the onset his entrance is heralded by slides announcing him and we are of straight into a deserved assassination for Blurred Lines and the misogynistic messages and comments made by the three main component performers. He deconstructs it all line by line, image by image in his delightfully slightly shouty but comedic way, even adding his own touch to the video to raise the game.

But Thicke is not the only one who comes under the microscope, no Michael Gove’s rap knowledge, Nick Griffin’s cookery programme Danny Dyer and Rudemental’s hype man DJ Locksmith all fall victim to the wicked humour and deconstruction analysis Trent provides.

Having seen his last two shows I wave to say this is certainly the most accessible to all, I feel Trent is now established as a big time player in the world of comedy and with his comedy niche established will surely go from strength to strength.

Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Upstairs

21.45 to 22.45


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