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Anna Morris: Would Like to Thank 4**** - One4Review

Anna Morris: Would Like to Thank 4****

| On 12, Aug 2014

Anna Morris is superb in this one woman character comedy, playing all five parts brilliantly. The show which takes place at the women of the year awards, starts with upper class Georgina, the winner of last years award and founder of the charity Bride Aid. All four finalists are then introduced to the audience and one by one appear, listing their achievements and stating why they should get your vote.

Anna flits from one character to the next with ease, using clever but minimal costume changes and intelligent use of audio visual aids. She gauges the audience and selects a couple of people willing to participate and then includes them again with each one of her personas. The competition finalists present their case to the audience who then vote for the winner at the end. Each character from the meek and mousy to the brash and bolshie are perfectly performed by Ms Morris with the accent changes also being spot on and consistent throughout.

At the end of the presentations the voting takes place with the winners’ reaction from backstage being shown on screen. The character chosen then appears to accept their award and give their acceptance speech.

This is a really well prepared and executed show which will obviously be slightly different each time depending on how the audience votes, a very enjoyable and fun hour.

Reviewed by Sharon

Underbelly Clover

16.05 to 17.05

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