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Nick Doody vs The Debonair Assassin - 5***** - One4Review

Nick Doody vs The Debonair Assassin – 5*****

| On 27, Aug 2014

Nick Doody is a likeable comic, with a way of making even quite dark topics incredibly funny. His opening about buying a hammer then wanders past Edinburgh flats near schools, and inner and outer versions of ourselves, with some black humour, but always interestingly different, and consistently very funny.

Doody introduces The Debonair Assassin as a cool alter ego, who he never manages to be, even at his best. He talks about how we let our self-images down, just by being human and having bodies. That sounds sad, but trust me, it was hilarious.

He later talks about letting our glamorous other personalities down by what we say. Yet his should be very proud of him, as it feels that not a word is wasted in the constant laughs.

Doody has some lovely, really different topics, from the Queen’s private business, to strange food combinations, debunking urban myths, to more serious topics like the importance of voting, and the power of racist words.

It’s hard to get across how funny this show was, without the classic “you had to be there,” simply because of the slick professionalism with which Doody inter-weaves his routines. I’m glad I was there. You should hope he tours it.

Reviewed by Gill

Canon’s Gait
20:25 to 21:25

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