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Stick Man 4**** - One4Review

Stick Man 4****

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| On 30, Nov 2014

An altogether thoroughly enjoyable piece of children’s theatre.

This has been wonderfully put together by Scamp theatre, they have taken one of the many delights offered up by Julia Donaldson and have produced a terrific, and rather seasonal piece which fits the Spiegltent in Edinburgh at Christmas perfectly.

The story is that of a Stick Man who ventures out for a simple jog one morning and ends up having quite the adventure! The majority of the audience are already familiar with the story, but it still threw up a few surprises in the way that the story was delivered, and along with some excellent musical effects and simple, yet very effective prop usage, children and adults alike were glued to the stage.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable experience and is well worth a visit, I would usually say if you are a fan of Julia Donladson’s work, however it’s not entirely necessary as it is portrayed in a fun, energetic and engaging manner. There are moments where the audience are required to assist and there were no shortage of volunteers.

All of this combined made this a lovely little trip.

My only criticism of this would be the ticket pricing, I appreciate that shows incur costs during production, however if you have two or more children, this can be quite a pricey venture for what is effectively an hour’s entertainment.

That said though, I would wholeheartedly recommend this performance and it is a lovely start to the festive period in Edinburgh.
This show is running right up until the 4th January, so there is plenty of time to pay it a visit, you won’t regret doing so.
St Andrew Sq, Edinburgh,
Tuesday-Sunday 11am (Not 30/11) Tuesday- Sunday 1.30 pm, additional performances 10, 22, 24, 31 December.

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