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Comedy Club 4 Kids 3*** - One4Review

Comedy Club 4 Kids 3***

| On 07, Aug 2013

This show gives the younger members of the Fringe audiences the chance to try out the feel of a comedy club, it consisted of a compare and four comics, it’s a great concept and should be visited by those who have children who enjoy a bit of humour.

The Fringe guide states that this show is suitable for children over 6, in our experience, with a 7 year old I feel that this could be raised a little or the acts adjusted slightly as our daughter struggled a bit to follow a couple of the acts. That said though, the show changes daily and it could be a completely different show from one day to the next.

We still enjoyed the show, it was lively and fun, the compare was great and we got to shout Poo a lot, which always raises a giggle no matter what your age! The children were also made to feel welcome to shout out and involve themselves whenever they felt the urge, which makes a pleasant change from asking them to sit still and listen all the time, the show ended with a finale that involved all who wanted to be involved and everyone left with a smile on their face.

Underbelly, Dairy Room, Bristo Square.

August 2nd – August 25th 15.20 (1 hour)

Reviewed by Kath.

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