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The Just So Stories - One4Review

| On 17, Aug 2011

***** 5 Stars

From the minute that you walk into the venue for this show, you are immediately aware that this is a kids show that takes their audience very seriously, the kids are sat at the front on scattered beans bags with soft toys and are quickly settled into their own space whilst the grown ups sit a bit further back on their own stools.

These Rudyard Kipling tales are told in a brilliantly simple, yet effective manner and there isn’t a peep from the children whilst they are a immersed into the storytelling, the cast are engaging and a terrific focal point for the audience, whilst the use of the props is creative and highly effective.

This is a kids show that has been handled excellently and if todays children are the next generation of Festival goers, then there have been some magical memories created in this show, the atmosphere is perfect, and if possible I would recommend anyone with a family to go along and catch this show, is by far one of  my 5 year old daughters favourites.

Reviewed by Kath.

The Green, Pleasance Courtyard

12.30 & 14.45

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