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Mil's Trills' Music and Stories - One4Review

| On 09, Aug 2012


Mil’s Trills’ do two age group shows – 0-2 and 2-5. We saw the 2-5 year olds’, where New Yorker Amelia Robinson sings her original songs, self-accompanied on the ukulele, while encouraging preschoolers to join in, with varied success.

Her own songs are amusing, and catchy, but (by definition) lack the recognition factor that’s often important in getting a toddler engaged. The children joined in with shakers and mini tambourines from the safety of their parents’ knees, but most were less convinced by coming up front for a dance, despite our host’s best efforts.

Her musical guest for our show was a bagpiper – aged just twelve. Ruben Ronne’s skill on the chanter (a practise pipe) and the bagpipes themselves was impressive for his age. To go with this was a story about the instrument, but the creature in the book didn’t seem clearly enough the bagpipes, though good use of the chanter to enhance the mood.

Overall, while the action songs were nice and simple, there was some missing the target, with a spelling song, and trying to get Brit children excited about Brooklyn, so a pleasant hour, rather than anything special – except Ruben… I must resist gags like “his skill just blew me away…”

Reviewed by Gill Smith

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