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Nessie The Loch Ness Monster - One4Review


This show is a little bit away from the main hub of the Fringe, but is well worth the extra milage  as it was a delight to watch and the kids loved it. Once we had entered the venue, there were ‘little’ chairs at the front of the stage where the smaller children could sit if they liked, this would ensure that they didnt get stuck behind a tall grown up! The show is performed in a darkened room using ultraviolet light to light the puppets and the effect is stunning and so much fun! The story revolves around your hero and heroine (and the bad guy of course!) and there are lots of amusing accomplices to help tell the story within the grounds of Urquhart Castle and Loch Ness, Nessie is amazing!

The show is a decent length  and has an interval where drinks and snacks are available, and the children eagerly ran up to the parents to fill them in on all that they have seen and heard, also at the end of the performance, the puppets and puppeteers come out to meet the audience and have their photos taken. We had a great afternoon and this is a great show, very cleverly executed by a lovely company and well worth a watch.

Fairmilehead Parish Church Hall, 1A Frogston Road West. EH10 7AA

Aug 4,6-11,13-14,18   14.00PM  £8.00

Reviewed by Kath.

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