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Iraq Out & Loud: Reading the Chilcot Report in Full - One4Review

Iraq Out & Loud: Reading the Chilcot Report in Full

| On 11, Aug 2016

The aim of this show is to answer the question “Who will actually read the 2.6 million word long Chilcot Report?” with the simple response “we will.”

Admittedly not everyone, reading all of it, but a series of comedians, actors, other performers, and audience volunteers reading their way through this important document we’ve been waiting for so long.

Ten volumes sit on a table, behind a lectern, facing an audience of up to six. When we arrived, Sam Nicoresti was reading volume two of ten, around point 350, doing voices for the characters in it, and finding humour even in dry “x said this, y said that” exchanges. At 360, he smoothly handed over to Fraser Parry, with both men reading a few words together to ensure no breaks.

I was offered the chance to join in, so read from somewhere in the 390s to around 420. Chilcot is still fully establishing the timeline of events here, so this meant the chance to read the much quoted “I will be with you whatever” line of a certain former PM.

This is not easy reading. This is not a giggle a minute. This is an awesome undertaking. This could be 2016’s event that everyone claims, in September, to have been way more involved with than they were. I certainly will be. And I will be back for more.

Reviewed by Gill
Heroes @ Bob’s Blundabus
All the time until it’s finished. Don’t leave it too late!

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