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Stay Awake - 2** - One4Review

Stay Awake – 2**

| On 21, Aug 2014

Kudos to Luke Speirs for having the guts and determination to bring his own work to the Fringe and I hope this is the beginning of a journey of discovery and maturity which will see new work over the years. Unfortunately this very much comes across as a ‘starting point’. The storyline is very common with no surprises or big moments of interest and to be honest, not a lot happens. The characters don’t get much time to develop and the whole story feels rushed and then we’re finished.

On the good side the cast all seem well bonded and the small band is excellent – actually all of the accompaniment of the songs is very good whereas the melodies on top are fine. My only niggle with the music was the guitar being front and centre at the start drowned out both the singing and the piano. Acting and direction was okay, again there is a lot of promise here.

I look forward to future projects, keep at it, you’re on the right track!

Reviewed by Alan.

theSpace on North Bridge
1635 to 1725

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