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Ed Byrne: Outside Getting In 4**** - One4Review

Ed Byrne: Outside Getting In 4****

| On 19, Aug 2015

Ed Byrne started his comedy career 21 years ago he tells us near the top of the 2015 opus and has been consistently performing top class shows ever since. He remains one of the top acts to see year after year with sold-out being a regular sign on the board.

Gently opening up with some observational material about ‘full’ Edinburgh, his idea to help the locals and explaining his show title, Byrne launches into his, as always, well written and observed hour with anecdotes on a whole raft of subjects.

His revelations on issues at corporate gigs is both a hoot and enlightening and his section about interviews with sports stars side-splitting. A dip into accents, issues as a younger man trying to woo a girl with the wrong flowers and now that he is a happily married man sooo happy that he is not in the dating game are food and drink to this comedy superstar.

However for me the final sections on visits to the doctors and with his young kids give both a splendid chance for him to showcase the self-deprecating side and the family man he now is.


Reviewed by Geoff

Gilded Balloon Debating Hall

Until 30th August (not 27th)

21.00 to 22.00



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