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Paul Thorne: This Month’s Apocalypse 3*** - One4Review

Paul Thorne: This Month’s Apocalypse 3***

| On 13, Aug 2016

Paul Thorne is an interesting comic, with plenty to say on a lot of topical issues, from the Home Office deportation list, to a succinct summary of US voter trends; from the BBC’s terrified weather reporters, to a Taliban lullaby, from the results of Richard Branson’s disappointing birthdays to scary current world leaders.

He sings about the rain in Warrington, and does a great racing reporter on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. His take on germs is a big worry for my OCD tendencies, and his pretend phone-call goes a bit awry at one point, but he brings it back. His audience banter works well.

Thorne identifies a large number of possible causes of total planetary melt-down, all without being too stressed about it himself. He’s very chilled for someone talking about total annihilation, one way or another. In a final song blaming the US for all the ills in the world, he turns it right around to set the blame elsewhere. Oops, Britain!

Reviewed by Gill
The Stand Comedy Club 2
To 28th Aug (not Mondays) 21:30

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