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Westminster Hour - Andy Paterson 4**** - One4Review

Westminster Hour – Andy Paterson 4****

| On 13, Aug 2018

A new and very topical play by Andy Paterson at Sweet Novotel about politicians and sleaze, which does not even mention the word Brexit once!  The action takes place in the evening following the passing of a new law by Home Secretary, Archie Cornwall, introducing tougher sentences for convicted paedophiles. It begins with Archie enjoying a wee whisky to himself in his Westminster office, the audience having also been offered a dram on entering the venue, helping to make us feel part of the celebration.  However, Archie’s good humour does not last very long, as a former lover comes to see him with news that he is to be implicated in an historic abuse case and could ironically fall victim to his own legislation. The case of Deacon Brodie, and the popular myth that he was ultimately hanged on gallows that he designed himself, is suggested as a precedent. In Paterson’s play, Cornwall believes that he is too powerful to be brought down and the two protagonists engage in a satisfying, albeit slightly drawn out, hour of verbal jousting, which builds in intrigue and tension and has an interesting twist towards the end. Rachel Ogilvy and Andy Paterson are very convincing at the two protagonists and overall the play is an enjoyable exposure the machinations of politics and the media.
Reviewed By Howard
Sweet Novotel
Until 26th August

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