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Breathing Corpses - Bats - 3*** - One4Review

Breathing Corpses – Bats – 3***

| On 13, Aug 2018

An hotel maid enters a room and finds a dead body. A storage unit is giving off a strange smell. A body with a severed head is found in the park. In a Pulp Fiction-esque scenario, each scene of this play features apparently unconnected groups of characters, but as the story unfolds their connections become apparent with deadly consequences.

The beauty of this play is that the interlinking parts are nonsequential and therefore leave the audience trying to unpick the mind-boggling timeline. The acting ability of this group of students was rather uneven but I thought that the characters of Amy the cleaner, and Kate the violent wife were the strongest on stage and I really enjoyed their performances. Overall it was an enjoyable 50 minutes and well worth a viewing.

(If you are feeling at all hot and bothered during this festival I can recommend the venues at Jury’s Inn as I was blasted throughout the play by an air conditioning unit and had to put a jacket on! However since I went to see this play it has moved venues so keep your options open jacket wise!)

Reviewed by Rona

The Space On The Mile


Until 25th August

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