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Blackout - New Room Theatre & Platform 5***** - One4Review

Blackout – New Room Theatre & Platform 5*****

| On 08, Aug 2018

This was a fabulous and disturbing hour of theatre. On a stark white platform 5 actors (3 women and 2 men) give us their life stories as alcoholics, from their early first taste of alcohol, to the love of the ensuing chaos, to the often dreadful consequences of their drinking, to their reluctant acceptance that they have a problem, to their sobriety and finally to the constant struggle to maintain that state. Alcoholism is a disease that impacts all levels of society irrespective of gender or race and the painful life stories of the characters on stage more than illustrate this fact.
Despite the subject matter there is much black humour which lightens the mood. Tales of the some of the scrapes are incredibly funny but the humour soon turns to tragedy as the fallout from their loss of control impacts each of the characters’ lives. What makes Mark Jeary’s play even more heart-breaking is the fact that these life stories are based on the lives of real people and I can only hope that their recovery continues. All the cast are outstanding – especially in light of at least 3 mobile phones ringing during the play and the late arrival of several audience members – which were handled with aplomb and with more graciousness than I felt! I loved this play and hope it continues to play to packed houses (hopefully with phones on silent!)
Reviewed By Rona
Summerhall – The Old Lab
Until 26th August (not 13th or 20th)

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