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The Boy Who Cried Whale

August 8, 2005 |

Take a brilliantly constructed script, zany action, witty songs and crazy impersonations, and what you have in this show is the best in comedy theatre. Four guys and one girl act out a series of fast moving sketches, at first … Read More

Best of “So you think you’re funny”

August 8, 2005 |

This late night show at the prestigious Gilded Balloon was a selection of the winners of the Heats of ‘So You Thing You’re Funny’ so one would expect a high class show wouldn’t you?

Well you don’t always get what … Read More

Best of Irish

August 8, 2005 |

The Stand Comedy Club as most of our regulars will know is a year long favurite of ours providing top quality comedy at very reasonable prices. Also when they sell a gig as The Best of Irish, they are not … Read More

BBC Stand Up Show Live

August 8, 2005 |

One of the benefits of having the Beeb name on this show is that one is assured of quality performers and a slickly presented show. The running order has had virtually every ‘name’ appearing from time to time together with … Read More

Barry Cryer and Ronnie Golden – Little Richard III

August 8, 2005 |

Those Men in beige are back, although in truth only Ronnie Golden is in beige, Barry Cryer in darker colours, but in spite of advancing age they still are a big draw and who can argue with this as the … Read More

Ava Vidal: Misfit

August 8, 2005 |

I first became aware of Ms Vidal last year, but unfortunately didn’t manage to catch her full show, and having seen her on Channel 4 ‘s The Kings of Comedy, I was determined to see her this year.

Her show … Read More

Andrew Maxwell – ‘Grand Royale’

August 8, 2005 |

Irish Comedian Andrew Maxwell is new to me, after the manic comedy of such as the Byrne boys Ed and Jason, his quiet approach is relaxing.

I found myself chuckling rather than belly laughing. His approach is quieter and although … Read More

Amused Moose Comedy’s Hot Starlets

August 8, 2005 |

Amused Moose Comedy Starlets. This is the second year I have attended such a show and must confess that I was previously unaware that the Am organization ran comedy clubs mainly in London.

What I was aware of was that … Read More

All Pitcher – The Wolf Catcher

August 8, 2005 |

Anyone who knows me knows about my obsession with anything fluffy, furry, scaly or feathery, therefore it was no surprise to Geoff when I said I wanted to see ‘Al Pitcher – The Wolf Catcher’.

Didn’t know who Al Pitcher … Read More

Albert Einstein Experience

August 8, 2005 |

Who could have thought that Brownian Motion, the Photo Electric Effect and the Theory of Relativity, both Special and General, would provide such fun? These three totally committed and high energy punk science guys and the laid back drummer/ kazoo … Read More