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Laura Levites:- American Girlfriend - One4Review

5 Star


If anyone could cast aspersions as to the value of free shows at the Fringe then I would have to point you to this show as an example of all that is good.

Laura Levites is a New York City girl who currently resides in LA, but the story she tells also has a heavy Brit presence.

She is a bright, smiley lady, in spite of some issues, she has a engaging stage presence, a pleasing delivery and the obvious comedy talent. She is able to deliver what is quite a sad story extracting pathos and humour weaved throughout the story, which is never short of laughs.

The set is well structured, packed through out with well observed and funny events in which she is usually the butt of the humour. Although like me not so many in her audience knew of her before she adopted us all as friends and shared private episodes of her life with candour that impressed.

This is her second excursion to the Fringe, the story starts during her first visit, and I just hope she returns next year. I have a feeling that this lady could be a major player in the near future and am totally pleased that circumstances drew me to see her show this year and there are still a few days for you to check her out this year too.

Reviewed by Geoff

Hive 15-17 Niddry Street

Until 27 August

14-45 to 15-45

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