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Skinner and Bell: Where are Dave and Dave? - One4Review

Dave and Dave’s show is a bizarre situation comedy delivered at a frantic pace. There is a story line of sorts but it is the interaction with several quirky characters that provide the laughs. The two Daves need to lie low for a while to escape from their German nemesis characters, Wolfgang and Dietmar, and they arrive at Uncle Brian’s huge mansion in the countryside, whilst he is away. Lurking in the house are The Keeper of the Beards, Ronald the House Stuffer and Michael the Cleaner. Along the way Veronique the Cow commits suicide off stage and Mohito a Mexican toddler is adopted. Away from the central action Tina Turner and Cher appear and phone each other in the middle of the night. Also, between scenes there are advertising voice-overs form a Brian Blessed sound alike. It sounds messy but it is played with such good humour you just go along with the flow and all the loose ends are tied up in a cosy, happy ending. ***

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