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?!? - One4Review

I am a sucker for a Pub Quiz. I usually compete in at least one a week, so to have a chance to review a show that IS a Pub Quiz, I fought tooth and nail to get the chance to play, err I mean review this show. Stage D’Or have got the idea to run this actually in the bar at The Green Room, so the normal hustle and bustle is replicated, but this is where the norm stops, as the quiz itself, well, marks are awarded for right answers, even more points are awarded for funny inventive but wrong answers and blatant cheating and flirting with the quizmaster, the smooth and charming Alex Dee,  rewarded with a whole shed full of points. Spot prizes are on offer throughout this fun bit of nonsense and the winning (!) team win a valuable (!!) prize. This was a really good laugh throughout, and even if you are not a huge fan of Pub Quizzes it doesn’t matter, there can be few better ways of spending an hour during the Fringe in the early afternoon. So how many stars should I give this show? Given their encouragement to cheating, it’ll no doubt end up with six anyway. On a sad note my team didn’t win, so Mr Dee could not be accused of trying to curry favour!! ****

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