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Corinne Grant - Nice Friendly Lady Hour - One4Review

Corinne Grant – Nice Friendly Lady Hour
As the title of the show suggests Corinne Grant comes over as a nice friendly lady her show is not so much a stand-up more a humorous chatt with friends. This pleasant lass may have been brought up in the country but boy has she been in some funny situations. She also uses family members in her show particularly her mum, whose warning not to sit too close to the TV because of the radiation, is one Corinne is charged with to warn the world.. I can’t really mention half the subjects used in the show, as that would spoil the telling of the tales.  As often with comedians a percentage of the show appeals more to us females than to men, but she also managed to keep them in the loop. Although at times she was almost horizontal there were others she was manic. I did however get slightly distracted on occasions by her arms!  She was wearing a   dark top against a black backing and it looked as though someone was behind her with their arms in front of her moving them in time to her talking. A game commonly used in most impro shows. All in all she is a pleasant lady utilising new and unique material and I look forward to seeing her again. That distraction aside I had a great night and enjoyed the show very much. ****

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