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Out Of The Blue

August 8, 2005 |

I have seen ‘Out of the Blue’ several times over the past few years and despite the changing faces of the performers thanks to graduation from university, job situations etcetera one thing is guaranteed the top quality of each … Read More

Antonio Forcione Quartet – Tears of Joy

August 8, 2005 |

The title of this years Antonio Forcione show ‘Tears of Joy’ is quite apt in that, that was exactly how I felt at seeing the concert. The previous 24 hours had been hell and I wasn’t really up for … Read More


August 8, 2005 |

Shoo Shoo Baby consist of ‘rival’ singers Anna & Tania together with MD Craig as they perform a variety of numbers jazz, pop, traditional Scottish et al are given their turn of coming under the spotlight. The ladies have … Read More

The Rise of the Cellorettes

August 8, 2005 |

The Cellorettes present a dramatic brand of music drawn from a variety of musical backgrounds. They comprise 3 cellos, percussion and bass guitar with a little bit of harmonica, violin and banjo from one of the cellists. This unusual … Read More

BA Robertson – My Living Years

August 8, 2005 |

I wondered last year whether I had enjoyed BA Robertson’s show so much because I had been waiting years to see him live, so I decided to go and see him again this year and he was still as … Read More

Flanders & Swan

August 8, 2005 |

I have to confess that I am of an age when I can just about remember Flanders and Swann from what seems many life times ago. I was thus interested to see if the audience was of a more … Read More