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Ludwig’s Van - One4Review

Ludwig’s Van      
Stephen Daltry performs an amusing autobiography of his musical development from his boyhood years growing up in Cumbria, through his period of study at the Guildford School of Music and Drama to his present situation as a working musician and composer. He is an accomplished musician and his show pays tribute to those composers who have had a major influence in his life – Bach, Beethoven naturally, Satie to name just a few examples. He lightens the proceedings with song and witty impersonations. He is most comfortable when at the piano where his talent shines through. He is less at ease when playing various characters. Perhaps he should engage more with the audience through greater eye contact. I would guess that those who have some knowledge of classical music would find the humour more understandable. For those who don’t, most of the musical extracts he plays are well known. An interesting and charming performance rather than hilariously funny. ***

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