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In The Pink: Fabulous All-Female A Capella - One4Review

3 Stars ***

A capella singing has always been a popular choice of entertainment at the Fringe, and C Venue seems to have been the home of it for years. Certainly this group fromOxfordUniversityhave performed there for years in various guises.

The troupe of 2011 consist of 13 women all dressed in black dresses with a pink ribbon in deference to their name, perform a variety of songs in their 45 minute set.

The lead vocals were shared amongst the group, as numerous mash-ups together with complete songs were pleasantly performed, but where they slightly lacked over other groups was occasionally the lead vocal, although beautifully in tune, was drowned with over enthusiastic backing ensemble.

Being picky I would like to have seen rather more and more complex choreography would have raised the interest more. Still all in all a creditable show that was a gentle start to a Fringe day.

Reviewed by Geoff

C Venue 34

14 to 29 August

13:15 to 14:00

Fringe Brochure P 207

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