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Tom Tom Club - One4Review

I wouldn’t be surprised if, come the end of August, the members of The Tom Tom Club simply collapse in a heap upon the floor.  They promise a good show and they deliver it through some of the most energetic and awe-inspiring performances I’ve seen thus far. The show itself is a mix of amazing acrobatics, dramatic drumming and brilliant beat-boxing.  It’s never too far from your mind that these performers are risking life and limb as they fly through the air.  The possibility that something could go wrong at any time means that you watch this show with you heart thumping away in your mouth.  In addition, the beat-boxing ability of member Tom Thumb inspired marvel at the variety and range of sounds the human body can make.  Nowhere was this more clear in a section entitled man vs. machine. The music and drumming keep this show ticking along at a frenetic pace and before you know it you’re being ushered out into the bright daylight, adrenaline pumping and hands aching from clapping so hard.  This is definitely a must-see show. *****

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