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Adam Page Solo - One4Review

Australian Adam Page is a musical wizard. In front of your very eyes he builds up layers of rhythm and melody to produce a complete piece of music. He opened with a funky number. Starting with a basic drum beat using his voice, followed in turn by bass guitar and keyboards; he played a driving saxophone melody. He has all kinds of sophisticated gadgetry at his feet to enable him to produce an amazing full sound as if it were coming out of a recording studio. By way of contrast, he can play different musical styles. He played one lovely lyrical piece which opened with an African thumb piano and ended with the flute. Musical improvisation also figures in his act. Asking for three musical styles he came up with a convincing number He displays a wicked musical sense of humour, with a vacuum cleaner tube, an electric drill and a carrot all figuring effectively. Even the humble triangle is employed for just one note. Despite the technical artistry and clowning around, he is a very talented solo saxophonist Adam Page provides a feel good hour of entertainment that would please just about every musical taste. ****

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