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Leo - One4Review

5 stars *****

Which way is up? Are you sure?

Leo – we must assume that’s his name: there’s no one else to name him, and he makes only three vocal sounds (not words) in the entire show – arrives in a room where down is not where he expects it to be. That’s one half of the stage – a cut-away of Leo’s room, on its side according to how we see it. The other half is a huge screen on which is projected a live feed of the world (or room) as Leo perceives it.

Watch the screen, and be amused by the illusions possible with this set up. Watch the room, and be in complete awe of the physical strength and control needed to achieve them – for an entire hour. Minimal props (you’d be amazed what you can do with some chalk), a brilliantly choreographed soundtrack (it’s the 2nd movement of Beethoven’s 7th, if you come out wondering) and a single energetic performer make this show truly delightful.

Who says the Fringe isn’t thought-provoking?

Reviewed by Laura

St George’s West, 20:30 (1hr 5mins)

Until 29th August

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