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In The Pink - Fabulous All-Female A Cappella - One4Review

In the Pink consist of 13 singers. There is a good variety of music to showcase their talents. Most of the items are pop songs from past decades. Since the girls moved continuously from one song to the next, I found myself doing a kind of music quiz trying to identify the original singer and song title. I am pretty sure I heard amongst others Cher’s ‘Bang Bang’, Stealer’s Wheel’ s ‘Stuck in the middle with you’ and Soft Cell’s ‘Tainted Love’. They produce a pleasing, tight sound without using microphones which does place real demands on the lead singers. One lucky young male volunteer participated in their choreographed performance of ‘Breaking up is hard to do’ – no hardship being close up to an attractive bevy of young females. When they announced they were coming up to their closing number, The Four Season’s ‘Oh what a night’, there was a genuine note of disappointment from the audience. In any other context other than the Fringe, they would have been expected to do an encore.   ***    

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