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Graffiti Classics - One4Review

A wonderful feast of entertainment! Graffiti Classics are a string quartet like no other. There is the usual line up of two violins (Alice Pratley and Frances Grime), viola (Stephen Kennedy) and double bass (Cathal O’Duill). Accomplished musicians though they are, it is the fun and excitement they create that enthralls. They draw on a variety of musical forms and they perform to the music. Thus, when they play folk tunes like the Sailor’s Hornpipe, they do the dance. Their musical parodies and visual humour are both hilarious, particularly when the select music from opera and the classics. Towards the end, they drop the humour and change pace completely to play a lovely, lyrical Scottish air. Their finale and ingenious encore leave the audience as they exit the auditorium with smiles and a warm, ‘feel good’ feeling. When they appeared two years ago, they just blew me away and I gave them 5 stars. This show is new and even better but I just have 5 stars to play with. See them if you can because they only have 9 dates this year. *****

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