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Marcus Brigstocke Archives - One4Review

The Red – 4****

August 25, 2019 |

A new play by Marcus Brigstocke, his writing and directing debut, and very much a personal piece of work, given his own past addictions. The setting is the interior of a wine cellar into which enters Benedict, played by Sam … Read More

Devil May Care – Marcus Brigstocke – 5*****

August 8, 2019 |

Although I had read that the multi award-winning comedian was returning to the Fringe for an hour of stand-up in the person of Lucifer himself, I hadn’t actually expected Marcus Brigstocke to appear as he was depicted on his poster, … Read More

Marcus Brigstocke Devil May Care 5*****

August 6, 2018 |

I do love Marcus. He doesn’t just turn up. You always get a show that’s been thoroughly researched and well practised. He knows his audience. At Latitude you might get a Prince singalong, or maybe a news review, but you … Read More

The Beau Zeaux: An Improvised Comedy 4****

August 21, 2015 |

If you’re used to improvised comedy in the form of, for example, the Improverts, this is not that. This is improvised as in ‘no script’, rather than ‘at the behest of the audience’. There were four suggestions taken … Read More

Marcus Brigstocke presents Unavailable for Comment 4 Star ****

August 15, 2013 |

Marcus Brigstocke is always a well prepared comic, with a tight well researched set, so for me to see him present unavailable for comment, an improv show based on real and audience suggested headlines is somewhat of a departure to … Read More

Marcus Brigstocke: God Collar

August 24, 2009 |

* * * * 4 stars

I have seen Marcus Brigstocke on the TV for years now and always thought him to be a very clever, obviously well educated, middle class comedian and now having seen him live I can … Read More