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Bedroom Farce - One4Review

Take three bedrooms, four couples and a party and you have the basis of this farce. Harland has a great Fringe history of taking both well known and slightly more obscure theatre productions and adapting them to the talents of the available students this is no exception. Ernest (Andy Masters) and Delia (Emma Waslin) are getting ready to go out for an anniversary meal, always worrying about getting older, the state of repairs of the house and their son Trevor (Dane Robinson) and his wife Susannah (Rachael Brown).  Nick (Rob Guilliatt)  is ill and helpless in bed whilst his wife Jan (Rachael Johnston)  is getting ready to go to a party where her ex Trevor and wife Susannah have both been invited.  Malcolm  (Danny Sirrs) and his wife Kate (Robyn Banks) are having a house warming. Nick is a practical joker and Jan usually the butt of his jokes is just out of the bath when the first guest Trevor arrives. Things go from bad to worse with small incidents being blown out of proportion and little misunderstandings almost causing disaster. To see if everything works out in the end and who ends up in whose bed see the show as soon as you can. ***

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