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The Packer - One4Review

Should anyone say to me that cast members on Australian Soaps can’t act I can categorically say rubbish.  I have just enjoyed a one-man show performed by Jay Bunyan better known as Jack Sculley in Neighbours. In ‘The Packer’ written and directed by Dianna Fuemana we see Jay portray at least eight characters, changing from one to the other by the twist of his hat, a not always subtle change of voice or change of mannerisms. Each character is cleverly defined and easily told apart. Shane, who lives with his alcoholic mother, falls for the new girl next-door. Her father wants her to marry a prosperous white man whilst he can’t resist women’s charms, include, an x- girlfriend, a Pakistani taxi drive, a best friend who wants to be a big black brother and a transvestite or two and you have the basic ingredients of the show. This well written and superbly performed show has added appeal of a New Zealand hunk to watch (which is worth the admission alone). ****

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